Plains Game
Your hunt starts the moment we collect you from the airport and ceases only once you are safely on your way back home, having experienced a rewarding hunting experience with S'Dudla Safaris on your African bow hunt.

A very challenging and rewarding method in many different ways of hunting depending on the type of game that you wish to hunt, is by bow. The hunter will at all times be accompanied by a Professional Hunter, who is also involved in the sport of bow hunting.

S'Dudla Safaris has exclusive rights in certain areas specifically for bow hunters. Needless to say you can selectively judge your trophy to ensure quality. Our bow hunting hides consists of ground blinds and above ground hides and are situated near waterholes or feeding areas, or alternately you can conduct walk and stalk hunts. The bow-hunter will have ample opportunity to sight his or her bow on the game ranch, before the hunt. The use of anti-scent sprays are highly recommended. A good supply of arrows, spare broad head blades, strings and other spares should be brought with.

We at S'Dudla Safaris undertake to always provide our hunters with the best hunting concessions, rich in game diversity and quality trophy selection. Through attention to every detail of the hunt, we will make you an ambassador for S'Dudla Safaris, whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter.

Hunting Principals
1) Support fair chase hunting, and honor the hunters code of ethics.
2) Respect the animals you hunt, appreciate nature and take care of the habitat that host your trophies.
3) Ensure that every hunt is a consumptive hunt.
4) Provide an impeccable service & take excellent care of hunting clients, as the hunter is part of our nature's future.