Climate, Clothing, Accessories And Medical Requirements
African hunting can be hot to downright cold. During the winter months (June through August) temperatures as low as (25-35F) can be expected with highs of (60-70F). April, May, September and October are warm. November to March are hot and wet. Comfortable safari clothing is advised. Be sure to bring at least one very warm jacket and a set of gloves. For the summer months light shorts and light clothing is advised, please still remember the jacket.

Other Recommended Accessories
Flashlight - Small Day Pack, which you should be able to carry on your back. -  Descent pair of Binoculars - Camera - Hat or Cap - Water Bottle - Insect Repellant - Pair of Shades - Sunscreen. If you have any medical conditions of which we should be aware, please do not forget to include these on you client info sheet.

Limpopo Bushveld
This area is a land of dramatic contrasts characterizes by hot savannah plains and mist-clad mountains: age old indigenous forests and cycads alongside later day plantations; ancient mountain fortresses which have stood guard over these plains. It's moreover a land of legend and romance that will intrigue present-day visitors with tales of ancient tribes and fearless pioneers who braved the unknown in days of old. To the day the province is the home of the enigmatic rain queen who, as the legends of her people proclaim, has the mystical power to make rain.

The Limpopo bushveld has long been considered one of South Africa's finest hunting areas with an abundance of different safari species which can be hunted in challenging terrain. The terrain varies from savannah grassland to thick riverine brush and hilly outcrops, that are favored by species like the Kudu.

The area is in a summer rainfall region with most rain occurring from October to March. Rainfall is normally in the form of thunder showers in the late afternoon which rarely last more than two hours.